Pauline Garbbha & Natia Chikvaidze, filmed by sofyasoofya
05.03.2021, Fotografia gallery, Tbilisi

Natia is a local artist, born in Racha (close to Rioni valley). Pauline is from Russia. We are artists from different fields, different countries & backgrounds, but in the attentive space of the performance the Dialog is possible. We are two women and clay is the material which frees the subconscious (mythological) material easily. In this performance we experienced and observed lots of topics connected with death, power, sexuality, violence.

We took the soil from Rioni and just followed it. The canvas is the result of performance. Rioni valley is the place where Georgian governement are building Namakhvani project, which leads to the ecological and social disasters.

Canvas, Rioni soil, 2,7x3
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