I am Pauline, 27 y.o., Tbilisi based multimedia artist from Petersburg. I live in Georgia since march 2020.

My thing is to carry reality through my body and other physical phenomena. I am self-taught, DIY based and I learn mostly by observing. I practice vipassana (S.N.Goenka) meditation for 6 years already and my art is directly connected with my buddist refuge and practice of the loving-kindness.

For me art is a political action towards deeply ecological world. I believe that being in contact with our own nature solves so many problems we have. Beauty is healing. Art is a language any human being can understand. So I embody emptiness and it becomes space for that. I sculpt objects with empty space for people's personal processes. Take pictures by listening, not shooting. Offer my body as a vessel if I do performance or research.

Garbbha (skt: गर्भ) — inner space, sanctuary, vessel.
  • studied psychology at spbu (2012-2015, peak experience and death narrative research, in-depth interview method)
  • practiced in the theatre laboratory “studio 12” (2014-2015, Grotowsky methodology) and in attention/movement/performance laboratories (Alena Surikova, Boris Pavlovich, Berndt Knappe etc), studied Butoh, Odissi
  • worked in horizontal teams (creating philosophical schools and theatre events), lived in/founded egalitarian communities (based on art and joint practice), practiced dragon dreaming methodology, non violent communication, consensus practices, diy etc.
  • worked as a web designer for an educational project, in a tea house serving tea, as a journalist in a local art magazine

  • studio 12 group performance with the Klim texts, 2015, Petersburg
  • "i am afraid" trio performance at the workshop of Boris Pavlovich, 2016, Moscow
  • clay pt.I, 2020, performance, Petersburg
  • EARTHERN exhibition, 2021, Tbilisi
  • clay pt.II, RV performance with Natia Chikvaidze, 05.03.2021, Tbilisi
  • RV performance screening at CCA, Tbilisi, Video Peace Traffic / Moving Image Festival 5-6.07.2021
  • MOM exposition at Alexandra Kirienkova home gallery, september 2021
  • collection for Le Chic Radical, Tbilisi, november 2021

... also lots of Butoh, mask work, movement improvisations and happenings i cant count cause they happened spontaneously.

I also do photography.
Practicing Vipassana meditation (S.N.Goenka) since 2015
Practicing Authentic Movement since 2017. The process of creating for me is very similar to both witnessing and movement
Instead of the expressing my personal stuff which I usually do in as an art-therapy
Terracotta which has normally been fired below 1,200 °C (2,190 °F)
Deep ecology is an environmental philosophy which promotes the inherent worth of all living beings regardless of their instrumental utility to human needs, plus the restructuring of modern human societies in accordance with such ideas
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
Photo by @balinashootyou
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